The Three Essential Motor Fluids for Your Car

March 6th, 2019 by

Whether you’re looking for a brand new RAM 2500 or need assistance in car maintenance, our team at Landers Dodge Chrysler Jeep® RAM has got you covered. We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, and part of that means informing them on everything they need to know about taking care of their vehicle.

Three essential motor fluids keep your car running smoothly, and maintaining them regularly can make all the difference in your driving experience, and the long-term health of your vehicle. Those three motor fluids are motor oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Each of these fluids serves their independent function and are stored in different parts of the engine.

Motor oil is the lubricant of your engine, and it ensures that delicate components continue to run smoothly. Over time, motor oil can thicken with grime, which can dramatically hinder its effectiveness. This is the reason why many manufacturers recommend that you swap out your motor oil once every three months or 5,000 miles.

Coolant is a fluid stored in your car’s radiator that keeps engine components at an optimal temperature. Engines run incredibly hot, and without coolant, they would run even hotter to the point of overheating and even combusting in some cases. By maintaining your coolant levels, you can keep your engine at an even temperature and avoid dangerous overheating.

Lastly, transmission fluid is the lubricant used for your transmission. Much like motor oil, transmission fluid can build up grime, but on a much slower time scale. Most manufacturers recommend that you change out your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

If you’re looking for a Chrysler, Dodge, RAM or Jeep dealer near you that can maintain your motor fluid levels, our maintenance team at Landers Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM can help. Our automotive technicians will ensure your motor fluids are at optimal levels and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

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